Start: 01-10-2017 – End: 30-09-2019
Project Reference: 2017-1-ES01-KA102-037674
EC Grant: 44.650 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+ 
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals 
Action Type: VET learner and staff mobility 



Since the center was inaugurated in the mid-eighties, IES Calvià has become a reference center in FP, expanding its offer. Our Institute is located in the municipality of Calvià, the demographic population is composed of Majorcan immigrants, peninsular Spanish immigrants and foreign immigrants who represent about 30% of the population. Population in the municipality and represent 20% of our students. Since 2014 we have managed a project of our own in which 11 mobilities took place between students and teachers. In 2015 we were awarded another two projects one KA102, with 12 student mobility and 5 teachers; And another KA103 with 5 students and 1 teacher.

For this call we present a project requesting 18 mobility of students, 6 of teachers plus two companions. We request a project of 2 years in which organizing the mobilities as follows dividing the places into two courses, in eIMG_2372 (1)ach course will be made 2 students of Basic FP + 1 companion of 3 weeks, 2 students of Administrative, 2 of kitchen, 2 of Service of 1 month each and 3 teachers of 1 week. The middle grade students have a similar profile, are between 17-30 years, students who seek to study a profession that facilitates the entry into the world of work. Basic FP students are more disadvantaged and less motivated students. The great impact that Erasmus + has had among our students has increased demand for them, so, and wanting to encourage a less prepared group, we want to start promoting mobilities in basic FP.

For the realization of the project we have appointed a commission, which includes the director of the center, the head of studies of FP, the cycle co-ordinator and the coordinator of Erasmus +. In addition, all teachers involved in vocational training have an effort to achieve the established objectives.

The aim is to offer our students a unique experience that is an indispensable part of both the training complement at professional and curricular level, as well as cultural level, opening and deepening knowledge of languages.IMG-20180502-WA0002 2

In relation to our teachers, they also feel encouraged to participate in Job shadowing, are young teachers who throughout their studies have already lived in EU countries. These are qualified people who value much access to an experience like this that complements their practical training and as specialists in teaching. Through their participation in the program, they will be able to achieve the following objectives: recycling and linguistic improvement, knowledge of the operation of other educational systems, experience in the organization of practices in other centers.

IMG-20180427-WA0006All this contributes to the internationalization of our center, which encourages us to not only want to increase the available places for the scholarship application, but to bet on new host institutions in different countries, to continue advancing towards new specialties, both of Middle grade as superior.

The impact caused in our environment begins to measure with the increase of requests to our formative cycles, and with the change of thought of the companies that we have in our locality that every day are more involved in the formation of our

Our institution works every day looking for resources and motivations that encourage students to continue forming and dismantle, thus, the dropout rate.

We faithfully believe that international collaboration is necessary and that together we can advance and improve the quality of education at all levels.